Mission Statement

 “There is a dentedego in all of us….Learning to accept one another as we are with the dents we earn along the way. I like who I am today, I like me with my dents, I love my dentedego”.

dentedego CEO, Bradley R. Evarts 2008

dentedego.com, the Worlds first social networking support site for people in need of purposeful real conversation of addictions, disorders, obsessions and compulsions. As many of the new social networking sites provide conversation that is more self absorbed and surface orientated, dentedego.com will allow a place where there not only is conversation of day to day, but a place with solid substance, answers, groups and forums from people in the entertainment/sports and political world to you and me, all with a clear goal of helping each other. dentedego.com may just be the site that helps save the world.