About Us

At dentedego.com we felt it was time to provide a social networking website with true heart and purpose a place to get serious or just to go and hang out.


dentedego.com is a "Social Networking Support Site" that is a place where all people can join in conversation with others around the world about real life addictions, disorders, obsessions, compulsions and depression. People helping people adding a path of hope and opportunity.


dentedego.com is a place that provides an online location where people can find information and form groups, events and forums to discuss, “How you are doing?” rather than, “What you are doing?”


dentedego.com, the #1 Social Networking Support Site that may just be the future web-site that helps save our world.


- bre, ceo dented ego



Questions for bre, ceo


So what did you do before dentedego?
I’m an ex Restaurateur/creator of five wonderful restaurants, still working through the withdrawals of being in the food industry for 30 years. I have been President of breconcepts and strategies while designing and developing dentedego.com. Most recently I just received the top concept and Development Company award from thumbtack.com.


Can you tell us what your dentedego is?

I have a better question: What isn’t my dentedego? We have popular stories and photos of Entertainment, Sports and you and me to Environment, technology, science and just a true heart and desire at this stage to help and provide for others.


My tags are “addictions”, ‘suicides" "depression." My Groups include team dentedego beta test group; then a private group/event for the mother of my two (of three) beautiful daughters who passed from suicide, “Wendy Buell Evarts Foundation”. I am active with events, groups and fundraisers supporting NA, AA, suicide, depression, addictions,diabetes. Our site is an exciting way to help others in need through many paths and efforts.


Assuming that you actually have some free time, what do you do with it?

I love kick backs with my family, dogs and friends. I am on my ipad or iphone 24/7, “workaholic/dentedego. Or was that dentedego, family and chasing the news-breaks/content on my ipad?


Tell us something we don’t know about you:



“There is a dentedego in all of us…learning to accept one another as we are with the dents we earn along the way. I like who I am today, I like me with my dents, I love my dentedego”.

- bre, ceo 2008



Questions for Mindy Lewis: Resorces, Sales and Balance


I’ve always been an adventurous, passionate, and independent person. I’ve taken risks that have enriched my life and have led me to impact other people in many ways. My life’s journey as a flight attendant, chef, boutique owner, real estate investor, and entrepreneur has led me to an understanding of myself that no ordinary, single job ever could have. I have been blessed to work with a variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures. I love bringing people together; I truly believe that “we are all one” and that through our experiences with others, we can find inner happiness and peace.


What is your Dented Ego?
How much time do you have?! Everything that happens in our lives leads us unexpectedly to different places and we develop in ways that we never would have thought possible. My life would not have evolved to where it is now if I hadn’t opened myself up to others. Through the many peaks and valleys in my life, and having loved and lost so many people, I have recreated who I am.


dented ego is a crucial part of that growth.

  • My dented ego represents more than just an avenue for bringing people together;
  • My dented ego is the Ego (Self) without the selfishness.
  • My dented ego involves being who you are.
  • My dented ego is empowerment.

Assuming that you actually have some free time, what do you do with it?

My free time is my work time, and vice-versa. I am social and enjoy meeting new people. Practicing yoga, living at the beach, and connecting with the people who are important in my life on a daily basis helps me to find a healthy balance and to maintain perspective. I believe that we should enjoy and make the most of every new day.


Tell us something we don’t know about you?

Well, if I told you, then it wouldn’t be something you didn’t know…I love my dented ego!!



Questions for Seth Neistadt, Advisor/Board Member


So what did you do before dented ego?
I own several companies including, Axiom Media, Inc, Local Link Exchange, LLC , Chamber WebPro and Auto lead Advantage. I own over 2,000 websites across over 21 vertical markets and over 10,000 businesses are currently using my web based products nationwide.

I was recently honored as the Business of the Year for the 59th Assembly District by Assemblyman Adams for my work with community organizations. I have been honored for my community participation by then Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy, Barbara Boxer and John Benoit. I have been nominated three times by my peers as Business of the Year for the Inland Empire Spirit Awards.


I have been published in many articles and publications and was most recently published in “Linchpin Magazine” with foreword written by Seth Godin, author of 11 bestselling marketing books. I speak regularly on the benefits of technology and the future of social media in business at many organizations throughout the country.


Seth Neistadt believes that contributing back to the community is not only an honor but a moral responsibility. In the last five years I have served in the following community roles; Presidents Circle member of the Victor Valley Community College; Advisory Council for the Victor Valley Community College; Member of Apple Valley Rotary as well as a Board Member and Interact Liaison; Chairman of the Masters in Business Committee, Take Pride in Apple Valley Committee and Young Professionals Network for the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce as well as 2nd Vice Chairman of the Executive Board; Sophomore Partner in the Newspapers for Education Program, and Graduate of the Leadership Connection for the Apple Valley Chamber of Commerce, Board of Director for the Gabrielson Foundation which recognizes the top athletes in our area each year and several committee positions including the Annual Giving Committee, Communications Committee, Events Committee and Alumni Hall of Fame for the Victor Valley Community College Foundation, Board of Director for the High Desert Youth Soccer League and the Apple Valley California Police Activities League.


Can you tell us what your dented ego is?

I am a completely broken individual who had to learn some very tough lessons about not relying on my own perceived strengths but to understand that I in fact possess God given spiritual gifts.


When we understand that we are servants of a Creator who has much bigger plans for us, then our work takes on a much deeper meaning. I try and live each day as it says in Ephesians 6:7 “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord”. I have had to overcome pride, selfish desires, and jealousy of those around me. When I know that what I do is not about me but I simply act on what I have been asked to do, it takes all of those feelings away and I simply give every effort to serve. I can now live with bold humility.


Assuming that you actually have some free time, what do you do with it?
When I am not with my family I live and breathe my work which is actually my free time. I thoroughly enjoy what I do and I spend all of my time improving products, developing new ideas, researching trends and connecting with industry peers. I am currently writing three books and traveling frequently.


Questions for Scott Messier: Business Development


So what did you do before dentedego?
I come from a sales and marketing background of over 25-years. I have done everything from trade commodities in the pits in Chicago to owning my own mortgage company here in Southern California. I have always been fascinated with the Internet space and creating something from a concept. Early on I used and developed lead tracking and lead management systems that were vertical specific and database driven. I started to understand how powerful automation and follow up was in the sales process as well as using the Internet as a source for lead generation- bye bye Yellow Pages!-In the old days we worked off of a paper lead and a tick sheet and we have come a long way since then! My job at dented ego is to build and run the Provider Directory. If you are a Practitioner located anywhere in the world, you are crazy to not have a Featured Profile in our directory.


Can you tell us what your dentedego is?

Anxiety! I also believe that you learn from life’s ups and downs, otherwise it’s not life, right? I have learned from my mistakes dearly…

Assuming that you actually have some free time, what do you do with it?

It’s all about my 5-year old son right now. Anything active in the water, on the beach or in the gym. Believe it or not, I can still do a handstand on my skateboard and most weekends you will find me playing beach volleyball with my crew. At night, I’m usually Facebooking or surfing the Internet for some newsworthy article or hanging with my girlfriend over a good dinner. Oh yea, I’m a big College Football Fan.


Tell us something we don’t know about you:

I stopped eating meat 2-years ago after developing anxiety.


Scott Messier, Director of Provider Directory, has over 25 years of technology, marketing, and sales experience. He has taken his consultative experience through stock & commodity trading, real estate management, lead management systems, search engine optimization and business development. His wealth of knowledge includes directory development, center-of-influence marketing, CRM, technology system development and lead generation. He is actively involved in his local community and enjoys beach volleyball, surfing, yoga and cooking and currently lives in Cardiff-By-The-Sea, California with his girlfriend Malissa and son Greyson.



Questions for Chris Keach

So what did you do before dentedego?
Well, I remember my brother, sister and me playing hide-and-seek with our neighbors and always trying to convince them it was a great idea if they’d let us go swimming in their pool instead. A few years later, I went to UC San Diego, got a degree in Psychology and wandered the post-college wilderness looking for something to do. I fell into a job as a marketing consultant and stuck with it for 12 pretty darn good years before deciding to get into the creative side of the marketing equation as a graphic designer.


Can you tell us what your dented ego is?

I’m fortunate to have escaped serious dents in my life (knock on wood), but I find it can be too easy for me to be lazy and antisocial. I have limited experience with friends with big dents, but thankfully they are dealing with them successfully. Knock on wood again, please.


Assuming that you actually have some free time, what do you do with it?

Like most people, I spend most of my free time on Google+. That’s clearly a lie. My biggest hobby is photography, which can be found at flickr.com/photos/ckeach. I’ve been an avid photographer since high school and love wandering my neighborhood and going to car shows looking for creative ways to show people little bits of the world. Other interests include watching home-improvement and cooking shows with no intention of doing much of either, plus cars (especially my 2004 Mini Cooper), Disneyland, the Chargers and Padres, and of course my family.


Tell us something we don’t know about you:

I control not one, not two, but three glorious Tumblrs! Check out ArtofTheWire.tumblr.com, aVeryBradyBlog.tumblr.com and the gonna-be-good-once-I-devote-more-time-to-it LetterpressLyrics.tumblr.com for hours of entertainment and enlightenment. Also, I just started a project to watch most of Woody Allen’s movies, in chronological order, so long as they’re available for free from the library. I’m a slow learner so I might be foolish enough to try to turn that into a Tumblr, too.